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by Magnus Gabrielsen (

Posted on January 4, 2018

A few months ago thousands of diabetes specialists were meeting in Lisbon for one of the largest conferences within the field. The annual European Association for the study of Diabetes conference is a major scientific event for new research for diabetes. Again this year Novo Nordisk contributed with their most recent findings from their research. However, this year Novo Nordisk had a new approach in communicating the findings and engaging the audience.

An innovative risk score tool

A ‘hot topic’ this year is identifying the patients at risk. Using the data from the large clinical trial called DEVOTE, conference participants looked into risk factors through an interactive app produced in cooperation with ME-TA. The app was developed through an agile design process where prototyping was used as the basis for decision-making throughout the development.

The app helps doctors easily achieve a risk score for having a severe hypoglycaemic event (dangerously low blood sugar) based on five patient centric risk parameters: age, sex and duration of diabetes, HbA1c and treatment regimen. This way the app can help identify patient profiles that would benefit from special attention to lifestyle and treatment.

A well-received tool

The general learning is that apps can provide substantial benefits when it comes to communicating complicated information. Health Care Professionals have shown to embrace the idea and spend longer engagement time with apps compared to traditional brochures. The app was also covered by the leading diabetes publication Closer Look and was later mentioned in an article in the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Børsen about Novo Nordisk.

Link to article in Børsen (subscription necessary)

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